Paladins - Season Pass 2018

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The Paladins Season Pass 2018 is the best way to get all three Battle Passes for 2018. You’ll instantly unlock the first Battle Pass, including the incredible Mecha Prowler Battle Cat Skin immediately.

You’ll level up your Battle Pass with every game you play, earning rewards with each level. Unlock Exclusive Skins, animated Sprays, Titles, and more. Complete all 50 levels to earn all rewards for each Battle Pass!

The current Battle Pass will be unlocked immediately upon purchase, and you’ll receive future 2018 Battle Passes as soon as they release. You’ll also receive the instant unlock item for past Battle Passes.

The Season Ticket also includes 1,500 Crystals -- a $25 value! Find a new favorite Skin, or invest in an Event bundle -- the choice is yours!

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