Primal Carnage

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 Primal Carnage - this unique computer game made in the genre of multiplayer shooter from the 1st and 3rd of the persons who worked on the creation of talented artists and game - creators of the game studio Luke warm Media. Here is a real masterpiece that will remind many of the events of the film Jurassic Park. So if you like dinosaurs, and you would want to play for the carnivorous predators, then urge you to pay attention to the game Primal Carnage , Torrent is easy, provided in our web - site! It is worth noting that the game interesting realized story - yes, in the online - game from Luke warm Media, there are story missions, the implementation of which you may bring the coveted award in the form of a new level of food necessary for the survival of your characters, and a lot of other things that sure to please the youth of today! It is necessary to say a few words about the story - you get to a deserted island, which is protected by a military barrier. You - a mercenary, as well as your team, and the challenge for mercenaries seem exorbitant - to destroy all the dinosaurs! In addition, you probably will appreciate the peculiarity that in the game you can play, both for hunters and for the carnivorous predators, and the first person sees a person, and the third "Rex." 

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